Monday, June 13, 2011

Some random thoughts.

Thought #1:

This hunk started his first day of work today.

Which means that I am left alone to consume ridiculous amounts of diet coke

(just kidding mom.)

 and craft to my hearts content.

but mostly,

 I just miss my partner in crime

is that pathetic?


Do I care?


Thought #2:

Everybody refers to NYC as the "concrete jungle"

but everywhere I go I see pretty green trees and parks galore!

I think it's beautiful

kind of like the mix of modern and vintage in interior design

I'm diggin' the concrete and trees

Thought #3:

NYC trend alert...

straws in soda cans.

Oh yes

it's all the rage.

No but seriously

you buy a soda at the convenience store

and they hand it to you in a bag with a straw

it's kind of awesome.

I fully plan on taking this back to the west coast.

Happy Monday!


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