Thursday, June 16, 2011


Summer means a few things to me.

One of which is NO makeup

I don't know what it is

but when it starts getting warm outside 

the little makeup that I wore during winter...

pretty much goes out the window

Summer also means...

the most casual, lose clothes I own

I've always been like this, but it's been amplified since being a teacher

For eight months I wear not only formal wear but PROFESSIONAL formal wear

so by the time summer rolls around.

I'm ready to let loose whenever I can!

and this is pretty much what it looks like.

Loose button up with torn jeans.

Not that cute,

 I know.

but I kind of love it.

What does summer mean to you?


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  1. I think it's adorable! I love your short hair, I've always wished I could pull it off, but I soooo can't! Your blog is adorable!


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