Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Evening Picnic in the Park

Last night we packed up our dinner and headed out to the park for a picnic!

(don't mind my blindingly white skin...haven't seen the sun much obviously)

My resolve was weakening with the thought of walking 7 blocks in the heat

with a huge bag of food on our shoulders

but I'm so glad we ended up going!

We got there at the perfect time.

Dusk had cooled the air,

it was really...

very peaceful.

We even made a friend.


this guy was totally eyeing my taco...

We stayed until they threatened to lock us in.

then made our way home

hand in hand, talking and discovering more of our neighborhood together.

The perfect night?



  1. Looks totally enchanting (and yummy!)!

  2. most people take pbandj to a picnic. you bring tacos.

    so divine.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic idea to make an evening more magical! I will have to try this... though our park is not nearly as lovely.

    xx Melina

  4. The perfect night: definitely! The food looks deeeelicious! xoxo


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