Friday, July 29, 2011

A gelato kind of day

Is it weird that some part of my posts are ALWAYS about food?

I mean literally... I just realized this.

It's a wonder I'm not 300 hundred pounds

on that note:
Today Becca and I convinced ourselves that shrewd bargaining techniques 

and running 20 blocks to get to an appointment on time

deserved gelato.

Who wouldn't right?

two girls with a love of ice cream

a dangerous combination.


no regrets here.

It's been so fun running around these past couple of days

even though slimy brokers and miles in the humidity can wear you down

it's been kind of fun looking at all the cute apartments in the city!

it's almost been better than shopping...and it's not even for myself!

Who knew.

Plus I can totally justify not working out with all this walking going on...


because I mean, 

I'm a fitness machine, 

I NEVER miss a work out 


only under extreme circumstances...



  1. You definitely deserve a reward after all that running around! I hope the apartment hunt has been/will be successful!

  2. food posts are my fave. enjoy the gelatto - i adore. xoxo


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