Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Beauty Essentials

A few days ago the lovely Ashley over at i believe in unicorns. asked what our favorite beauty products were...

I loved her post and have been meaning to do one in response, so here it is:

 My favorite beauty products.

As far as makeup goes...I'm all about getting the most bang for my buck and these products have done it for me. I've tried different, more expensive mascaras and I just keep coming back to Great Lash. 

As far as nail polish, Sally Hansen takes the cake in my book. Seriously. I have OPI and Esse polishes and I still prefer Sally Hasen. It's the best. 

Then my lip stain. This stuff has rocked my world. My Mom introduced me to it this summer and I'm in love! It last all day through meals and making out! 

Priorities, it's all about priorities.

 perfume: Coco Chanel.  Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash.  Nail Polish and top coat: Sally Hansen.  Lipstain: Covergirl

Now, to be honest...I'm not a big makeup person. In fact, I prefer to feel like I have no makeup on at all! But for all intensive purposes this is what I use for foundation and I love it! It's light and it doesn't give that "caked on" appearance like a lot of liquid foundations have for me. The only other product that I use regularly not pictured here is liquid eyeliner. Here's the thing though, I love the look but hate the liquid...any product suggestions?

 Slate eyeshaow: Bobbi Brown.  Concealer and foundation: Sheer Cover.  Brushes:....who knows.

Now here are my skincare savers. I use these every day and I love them. Neutrogena 100 spf. sunscreen for my face. every. morning. A must! I credit my Mom to this completely. Thanks Mom! This is my favorite sunscreen brand for my face. It's light and oil-free. I highly recommend it! 

Next, Olay at night after I wash my face, and dove in the morning...usually. Just kidding ;)

Deodorant: Dove- nectarine and white ginger scent.  Moisturizer: Olay complete.  Sunscreeen: Neutrogena Ultra-Sheer. 

So there you have it! My beauty essentials!

What are your essentials? Do you have any products you're completely loyal to? Any suggestions for me??


  1. So is the lipstain sticky? Like that dry sticky? I really want to try it but Marcus is so picky about texture

  2. loreal voluminous ROCKS my world for mascara. If you just buy yours cuz its cheap and works great, then try Voluminous and you won't regret it! The bare essentials getting started package is a good deal for powder foundation with a few extras!

  3. Great post! Love it. I hate feeling like I have a ton of makeup on, too. And your blog is adorable!

    Just thought I would mention... intensive purposes --> intents and purposes. :)

  4. i love these kinds of posts. because i love being a girl. perfume, makeup, nailpolish. has anything changed since i was 5? don't think so.


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