Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Reading.

So this is me sitting with a portion of the stack of books I've read since we've been in New York.

awesome? I think so. The best part about summer is catching up on reading right?

Here's the list:

In other news, husband and I just realized that instead of eating lunch on our own....

we could eat it together!

a novel idea right? We're so smart. (I must be a college graduate)

so I'm heading to midtown in a couple hours to dine with my handsome man.

What a dream.

Has this week flown by? Or is it just me?

The weekend is almost here!


  1. Wuthering Heights is on my "to read" list! Love your outfit, as always! :)

    Along Abbey Road

  2. Love your outfit! I wish we could see the help movie together :)

  3. i need the jane austen collection.
    and maybe your dress.

  4. I absolutely LOVED reading the Eragon series!!! I am in need of finding more books to read and think I may steal some new ones from your list above. (You are correct in that summer is about catching up on reading!!) :)

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  6. I read Same Kind of Different as Me last's one of my favorite books! I loved it!

  7. I have that exact same copy of Wuthering Heights. Great Jess's think alike!


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