Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vintage Ruffles and Lace

So the other day my new friend Lorina asked for some NYC thrift recommendations...

and unfortunately i couldn't be of much use!

I LOVE thrifting 

but since being in NYC 

I've found that most thrift stores here are too expensive for my taste.

I guess NYC caught on to the thrifting-trend and raised prices accordingly!

(any recommendations from NYC natives would be much appreciated!)

 we took it upon ourselves to find the best thrift stores on the Upper East Side

and I have to say...

 we were pretty successful!

SO I thought I'd share my new-found knowledge with any New York residents/visitors

Here are 3 thrift shops that I'd recommend:

what I look for in thrift stores are good prices and good vintage finds...

and these 3 shops didn't disappoint.

I found this little number along with a pretty scarf and some vintage gold buttons

for a grand total of $9.50

which made for one happy girl!

I hope that helps!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

We're having our date night early this week 

on account of a constant flow of visitors from tomorrow until we leave!

(The benefit of living somewhere cool? Lots of visitors :)

Crazy right?

This summer has flown by!


  1. what a good find!
    i love it.

    i'm glad utah hasn't caught on to raising prices in thrift stores :)


  2. i love the lace detailing of your shirt! that's a great find.

  3. Oh my goodness, what amazing finds! That blouse just has the most gorgeous details and the pattern on the skirt is adorable! I find that even though the prices might be a little higher in the bigger cities, the finds are always so much better.

    xx Melina

  4. You are the ultimate thrift shopper! LOVE the blouse.

  5. beacons closet in williamsburg!

  6. Your vintage shopping sounds like fun! I don't think they have those types of stores in southern Italy. Wish they did.

    Cheers! Rambles with Reese
    p.s. rambleswithreese.etsy.com


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