Monday, August 08, 2011

Last Day in the Big City

You guys,

I leave today.

In a couple hours actually.

I can't believe seems kind of surreal. 

Despite my hesitancies about New York, I'm really going to miss this city!

It really is such a unique place.

but I would be lying if I said I'm not excited to get back to the wide open spaces I call home

 for a while at least.


We're going to be flying/moving/spending time with family for the next few days...

so guess what???

I've got some really rockin' guest bloggers lined up for you guys!

Get excited.

Happy Monday!


  1. after looking at your pictures i feel sad FOR you! (and a little jealous :)

  2. JV!!

    Living the dream in NY and leaving? Dreams don't always last I guess.

    Will I ever see you again?


  3. I've kinda lived through you for a while, NY sounds and looks awesome. Thanks for sharing :)


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