Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Little Dessert Party.

So last night Molly came to town.

for like .25 seconds...

but she was here, and that's what counts!

So I wore my jumper for her!

Just kidding, 

well I did...but that's not what this is about.

I just wanted you all to get a good look at my 70's awesomeness in all it's jumper glory.

Some of our good friends came over and we had a little shin dig,

of sorts.

I whipped up some peach ice cream

(recipe found here)

and we talked and laughed and reminisced for hours.

It was wonderful.

Don't you just love good friends? 

P.S. we missed you Kasee, Susan, and Erin!

reminiscing just isn't the same without the whole gang together!


  1. I miss you!! How I wish I could be in Provo for .25 seconds :)

  2. Miss you all! 1. love the jumper and I acknowledge that only YOU could rock that! 2. apartment looks adorable even though i can only kinda see it! 3. i think that was once my bag? now it has been passed on from bride to bride :) 4. LOVE LOVE LOVE AND MISS YOU!

  3. Jessica I need more of you, in sweet jumpers, in my life! it is in fact a magical combination!

  4. I love the group picture. You are all so cute!


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