Monday, August 22, 2011

Marcum Family Tradition

You'd think that moving would be easy 

for a couple who has lived in five different apartments in only 1 1/2 years of marriage.

Let's not even go into how many months we stay in a place on average

it gives me a headache--

but no matter how many times I've unpacked and packed our belongings...

I never seem to understand how long it takes!

I move our boxes in

with all the optimism to assure me of being completely settled in less than 24 hrs.

This never happens.

(Go figure.)

and usual results in me unpacking for hours on end...then getting a little cranky.


We have successfully moved most of our possessions in

and now just have a little re-organizing to do

what a dream.

Don't worry, the promised photos will come when everything is in place.

but for now, I'll share a little Marcum family tradition with you all.

Because I love you.

and because you're basically my blogging family.

So feel free to take part.

Every time we move into a new place,

we buy a bottle of sparkling goodness

and make a toast to our new home.

Now, it is mandatory that this happens on the first night

no matter how much unpacking you have to do.

You must do it.

Or else your house will be jinxed

just kidding.

We started this on our first night in our apartment together as a married couple

and we've carried it on in every place we've lived

I'm all about the traditions.

Happy Monday!


  1. I love that idea! Such a cool tradition. I need to start something like that. And I totally hear you on unpacking! I always think I can get everything packed and moved in one day as well as get settled. But that is not bad right? To be hopelessly optimistic? Maybe if it makes u cranky, which it always makes me. Who could be happy when they reaLize their hopes and dreams are unachievable? Haha! Now that i have properly vented - I am excited to see your new place, good luck getting settled.

  2. this is so fun! Your place sounds SO cute! - I took a few sneak peaks at some of the pics you posted on instagram:) I can't wait to see finished product!!


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