Thursday, August 11, 2011

Presenting to baby sister aka best friend.

 Today I will chronicle a few of my favorite memories of Jess and I:
[because who doesn't want to get some real life childhood snapshots?]
You see, we're sisters 
and subsequently have been the best of friends.
from the very, very, very beginning.

 We've shared the days of carseats

 and skorts.
[where on earth did those go? they were a popular item around these parts...]

 As well as the days of dress up and dance classes,

...and don't forget the awkward phases.
[note my awesome half pigtails. with bows.]

Now we're like grown-ups, almost.
Mostly we just keep getting sillier with age.
I hardly count our behavior as "grown-up"

We're still making lots of memories together.
Some of our favorite memories to make include:
crafting, eating, watching old movies, and painting our fingernails.
[oh, and discussing life. which mostly means me discussing and her advising. she's so smart...]
 all of this sandwiched between going to school and sending each other text messages all day long.

You see me and Jess....
We're different. 
We look different,
and act different.
but that's the beauty of sisterhood isn't it?
You can be sweet and salty, or stringy and stalky
But somehow your kindred spirits don't seem to care.
Right now, I'm enjoying having her home. 
And am happy to guest post if it means having her here.
I hope you're having as wonderful of a day as we are.

oh. and.
I love friends, so feel free to pay me a visit anytime.

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  1. The dance and dress up picture is how I will always see you two girls! I love it! :-)


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