Sunday, September 11, 2011

Date Night

Call us boring...

but our favorite date is the classic dinner and a movie.

for us, it just doesn't get much better!

green blazer: Zara
poppy red pants: J. Crew
purple silk shirt: Thrifted
purple flats: Target
bobble necklace: Forever 21

There's nothing I love more than 

good food and good cinema.

I'm lucky I married someone who enjoys the magic of cinema just as much as I do!

We saw Warrior

I was very impressed. Think Rocky...only 10 times better.


  1. So the movie was good? We love Wynnsong theater, but they weren't showing Warrior. So we saw Contagion instead. Wasn't very good.

  2. you totally ate at terra mia. JEALOUS. best margarita pizza in town, especially for the price.

    jared and i were just talking this afternoon about what we're going to do for our five year anniversary coming up and we agreed that going to dinner and a movie is all we really want. how lame/perfect is that?

  3. this color combo is outrageous! i LOVE it! I could literally eat pizza every day and be just fine with that!

  4. that food looks absolutely amazing!!! just ran across your blog girl, love it! and can't wait to read more!

  5. I just discovered your blog. You're so cute. I'm reading through your archives :)

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  7. Ah! My comments are all weird! Anyway, I was trying to say I LOVE your color-blocking. So fab. And the food looks divine!

    Along Abbey Road

  8. alright that outfit is amazing. if you want to just come to my house every morning and dress me that's totally fine.


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