Friday, September 16, 2011

FBI Agent

So this one time

 we totally scored tickets at the last minute for The Drowsy Chaperone (thanks Andy and Brook!).


We were walking out the door when I realized that my ripped up jeans were probably not appropriate.

I ran back inside

 and threw on whatever my hands grabbed in the closet....

as we drove out of the driveway

I looked down

and realized I looked like an FBI agent.

true story.

I even forgot my Ray Bans and had to wear the aviators in the car.

blazer and button up: thrifted from the little boys' section at D.I. yes please.
braided leather belt: thrifted
pencil skirt: Talbots
pumps: Nordstrom
aviators: Von Zipper

Mr. Obama, if you'll just follow me sir.

I felt so hard core.

In other news, the play was fantastic.

Happy Friday!


  1. I have seen it twice! Wasn't it fun?! Hope school teaching is going great for you! Who would have ever thought you would be teaching kindergarten :)

  2. Hello! You're my new hero!!!

    Found your blog today and I am hooked. :)

    EXCELLENT pictures.

  3. That show is FANTASTIC!!!! I saw it on Broadway a few years back and it was magic! Hope you had fun!

  4. Hey there! Just found your blog, thought I'd say hi! You and your sister are super cute...I'm missing mine so much right now! Love the thrifted outfit too--I'm a supporter of shopping in the little boys section! I'm jealous you can fit into it though haha! :)


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