Wednesday, September 07, 2011

My Teenage Sister

You guys I'm freaking out.

My sister turned 13 last Thursday.


Heaven help me!

Wasn't she just in her diaper digging for rollie pollies in the garden?

I'm having some attachment issues...bear with me.

(I feel like this is acceptable, considering how many diapers of hers I changed.)

I still remember vividly being at Grandma and Grandpa's house

sitting on the wicker bar stools

and hearing my parents announce that there was going to be a new addition to the family.

I remember the shock and the excitement,

the promise of new life blooming in the room.

I love you baby sister.

Even if I can't quite admit that you're growing up!

You are good at:


making friends

and cuddling

all of which I consider to be essential characteristics in a quality human being.

Happy Birthday.


  1. I wish I were a teenager again!

  2. i get the same feeling about my sister. she's turining 17 next month and i just realized and i almost freaked out. 17!! no way! no way! i swear it was yesterday she was born

  3. Sweet pictures! :) My youngest brother will be a teenager soon and I just can't believe it!

  4. my youngest sister started high school this year and in my mind i seriously still think she is 6 years old! she has grown up way too fast! she's kind of my idol though, and i know exactly how you feel :)

  5. sarcasm, making friends, and cuddling are definitely some of the essentials :) my little sister just turned 16 and now can drive- imagine how i feel! it's just so crazy, seeing this little girl grow up into a woman and thinking about how much mature she is now than 5 years ago when i was her age.

    in other news, i just stumbled across your blog, though i can't remember how, and i wanted to say how cute i think it is :) and your haircut! i'm attached to my hair, but you pull it off wonderfully. glad i found you :)


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