Thursday, September 01, 2011

New Additions

This week we've had a few new additions to the family.

two new rugs (one for the kitchen and another for the living room) 

and my personal favorite....


Ed for short.

He's our cute little tree in the corner.

I swear I spent two hours in the greenhouse at Lowe's looking for the perfect little guy.

Then, as I wheeled him out to the car 

I decided he needed a name.

I think he's filling some kind of emotional void that the lack of a puppy has created in my heart

or something.

because I'm kind of attached to him.

So wish us luck, we're first time plant owners over here

and I might cry if he dies.

P.S. This also means that our apartment is ALMOST finished! 

I'll be sure to post pictures sometime in the next few days.


  1. both of those rugs are so cute! where did you get that chevron one?

  2. Ooo I love that second rug! Can't wait to see how you've decorated your new apartment, you got style girl! How is your shop coming?!


  3. @whitney johnson I got the chevron rug on! Isn't it amazing?

  4. PLEASE show more lovely photos of your home! Your fireplace intrigues me!!!

  5. Aw, Ed is so cute! My boyfriend and I name our plants, too. So far we have a Bonsai named Serissa, and potted plants named Smithy and Sylvanas.

    x Michelle |

  6. Hey lady, guess who won my giveaway? ;)

  7. way cute! i love the living room

  8. Ummm that very same floral rug MIGHT have just landed on my doorstep a few nights ago. I'm in love! You've got great style my friend!


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