Monday, September 26, 2011

Scenes from our Sunday Evening.

Sundays are a dream. 

I look forward to them all week.

Here's what ours looked like.

Think: pink tights, canoodling, homemade butternut squash ravioli with browned butter and sage, cookies and milk, mini sourdough toasts with goat cheese and apples, San Pelegrino, mint tea, and a good book.

Have a fantastic week.


  1. I miss you. Lets skype in the next week or two when my life settles down a bit! Love you girl.

  2. where is your lovely skirt from??? you look so dang cute in that top picture. and i love a girl who knows how to cook!

  3. seriously how do you get Steve to pose with you so often? Scott is on a like 1 picture/ week kick, so i have to use mine wisely!

  4. That skirt is WONDERFUL. The last picture is my favorite. That would be a fantastic blog button image.

    And seriously, who doesn't love a good canoodle?

  5. ummm whaaaaat? you guys are ADORABLE!

  6. wow, i can't believe you made butternut squash ravioli!!! homemade pasta always seems so intimidating, but

    also, what is that crostini??? ricotta and pear?? i'm DYING!!!


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