Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend Vintage Finds

The local consignment shop proved to be a treasure trove this weekend.

On Saturday Tay and I decided that after breakfast crepes we should go peruse the aisles.

best. decision. ever.

Vintage shopping is so unpredictable. 

Sometimes you come home disheartened and empty-handed,

other times you find just what you were looking for!

(among other things that you never knew you needed.)

This trip turned into one of those lucky times,

here are some of the things I took  home.

1. velvet pillows and rose painting 2. gold frame: print from sgmtucker travel photography 3. wood frame: print from sgmtucker travel photography  4. china salad plate with blue and gold flower detail 5. vintage books 6. milk glass goblet (I want to plant a succulent in this!) 7. vintage wedding dress ($12) 8. ruffle dress 9. ruffle dress detail 10. mason jars ($0.25 each)

Happy Thrifting!


  1. i love mason jars with all of my heart!!!!

  2. That white chalice! That white dress! Just those items alone would make this a worth while trip but then there are so many other amazing finds as well! Good job guys!

    A Sweet Release

  3. great finds! and what butternut squash ravioli recipe did you use?? because that might just be the most amazing thing ever! dying to try making that!

  4. wow! you did great! i love the dresses and the pretty flower pictures. great staple items!


  5. the white dress is achingly gorgeous!


  6. hey jess i just stumbled upon your blog, found it on young people in love. and i adore it! i love thrifting too. but i live in ogden. what thrift shops in provo do you go to?



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