Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yesterday, I woke up with this inexplicable craving for waking up at 9:30 am (the perfect time to wake my opinion.)

to banana pancakes in bed

and a good book.

whilst rain was pouring outside. naturally.

Since sleeping in wasn't really an option...

it wasn't raining,

and I hardly ever get a chance to pick up my book before 9:00pm

I settled for banana pancakes for dinner, a diet coke, and my yellow polka dotted scarf.

I don't really know how the diet coke and scarf made up for the lack of sleep and pajamas I obviously craved.

but nonetheless it made me happy.

and I was ok with that


  1. that's an interesting looking coke can. we never get anything cool like that in canada! those pancakes look scrumptious, and i adore your scarf.

  2. oooo would you happen to have a recipe for those pancakes? they look super delicious (and not your garden variety pancake!)

  3. i love breakfast food for dinner, its like a little treat in the evening :)

  4. Those pancakes look all together AHHHMAZING! I love a good banana pancake!

  5. lovely shots. your blog is so cute - really enjoying the updates.

  6. Those pancakes look amazing...and you're right, 9:30am IS in fact the best time to wake up :)

  7. Those banana pancakes look so delicious! - Makes me want to make some for myself now :)

    Sounds like the perfect way to spend a rainy day!


  8. Seriously, those banana pancakes look AMAZINGG!!

  9. wow. those are definitely delicious looking pancakes. i love breakfast for dinner :) i rarely remember it's an option actually.. maybe i'll have breakfast for dinner tomorrow.. yay!


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