Friday, October 07, 2011

homemade tomato soup... and some serious snuggling.

It snowed today.


I look out the window at school and saw white flurries blurring the sky,

it's the first week of October.

I know I said I was exciting for the cooler fall weather...

but snow was a little extreme.

wasn't prepared for that.

I came home last night and needed to thaw out.

Mom's homemade tomato soup was in order.

along with a turkey cranberry panini, 

mint tea,


and some serious snuggling.


  1. oh my gosh how fun! we had a soup and panini night the other night too...only we had rain and not snow [thank goodness!]

  2. Snow? Um, what?? I am definitely not ready for that!
    But I love the pictures, it looks so comfy.

  3. I just can't over how CUTE your house is!
    p.s. we definitely need to a plan a time to do dinner together!:) hope your friday is going splendid!

  4. Look at the cute beanie and sockies you get to wear as a result of the snow! And I LOVE those DIY leaves. I must add those to my list, which I'll admit is getting ridiculously long. Darn you, Pinterest!

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  5. Ok so i LOVE your blog. Are you coming to the utah blogger get together tonight? I hope so! If you havent heard about it, go to

  6. That panini looks AMAZING! I am a fan of all things sandwiches. I will be trying it soon. Also, Love your fireplace, wish we had more of those in CA.

  7. i just got really excited to see one of my photos in your adorable house. so glad it has such a great family and home (: xoox


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