Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A Laid Back Date Night

Sometimes a night on the town just wont cut it.

That's when you order yourself some italian desserts to go,

put on your PJ's and polka dot socks,

and snuggle up to a movie with your honey.

This is pretty much what our date night looked like this weekend,

no complaints here.

In fact, can you take me back?

I could use a tall glass of that right about now.


  1. Best date night. EVER. Nothing tastes as good as a cannoli on the couch with PJs!

  2. I'm weirdly excited about the onset of sock weather. Sandals you did your best, but there are some things only a sock can do. :) x

  3. most genius date night idea ever.


  4. i want to eat both of those desserts! yummy.

  5. I have the same pajama pants! I love J.Crew, as well as your blog. I just found it the other day through Young People In Love, and already it's on my follow list!

  6. That cake looks delish and the socks so comfy. I gotta go and get some fall socks. :)

    Visiting from "Across the Pond" ;)

  7. sounds like the most marvelous date... everything looks so delish!!!


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