Saturday, October 22, 2011

Las Vegas.

Funny Story.

It's Wednesday evening, my sister calls. 

Exciting news...she needs to talk about it.

We get a cupcake to split (of course) and sit in the bakery chatting.

A call from Dad.

He's in the airport, on his way to Vegas.

He's says we should come.

We think about about it....two seconds....

45 minutes later we're on the road, bags thrown together and a large diet coke in hand.


I think so.

It was such a dream. What a perfect way to spend my fall break!
 (especially since the husband has been out of town)

We shopped, laid out, had our nails done, and got in some much needed daddy-daughter time.

I love you Dad! It was so fun to see you.

What a beautiful, unexpected trip.


  1. What an exciting adventure! One question - the man in the photo with your sister cannot possibly be old enough to be your father! What a beautiful (well-aging) family!

  2. @Candace it is my Dad! Hopefully I inherit his genes! Can you believe he's almost 50??

  3. that is so unbelievably amazing. i completely adore spontaneous trips.

    cheers on being completely amazing.

    and ps your clothes and hair and photos are adorables.


  4. just adorable! you, that is! i spy an anthro bag...can't wait to see your goodies! i thought that was your sisters husband.. haha! good genes! an im so sad..i had that swimsuit from target, but i'm too tall my you know what were showing. returned. but i got it in the tankini, yet it didn't come in the lovely navy color :(

  5. your swimsuit is to die for cute and the fact that you went on a spontaneous road trip is sooo awesome. definitely something i have yet to cross off my bucket list.

  6. hey! thats my hometown! kinda missing that sun right now, spontaneous things are always the best :) p.s. i loveeee your blog!

  7. I can't help but be nosey... your dad is almost 50?! And that is HIM in that picture!? Goodness!!! He looks so young!
    Glad you at a fun trip :)

  8. that is so awesome!!!!!!!!! and yes, if that's your dad in the picture, he's a hunk!

  9. not REALLLLLLLY sure what my face is doing in that last one, but sooo much fun! I love you!

  10. Vegas looks so fab and sunny, hope you loved it. I like to think your dad also got his nails done! :) x

  11. gosh, that green hat is darling! i love spontaneous road trips they're my absolute fav!! : )

  12. I live in Vegas, but have been away for almost 2 months staying with my parents. You made me homesick for that crazy place evn though I don't feel like it's "home."

  13. Such a great getaway! I've only been to Vegas once but I'm itching to go back!


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