Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Rainy Days

Yesterday morning I woke up to wet leaves on the pavement 

and a faint pitter patter on my window sill.

My heart smiled,

 I love stormy weather.

The ominous clouds, the rain boots, the umbrellas.

I only wish I could have spent the day cuddled up with a book.

but that's life I guess.

Here's to praying the rain stays to the weekend!


  1. omg, i love love love this outfit!!!!!

  2. Recently found your blog and I am loving it :) Always good to meet another provo-dweller in the blog world :)

    - Eliesa @ Good Day, Sunshine

  3. Just popped over From across the pond. Loving your blog!! That trench is so cute! :)

  4. I have to give 100% credit to Megan (across the pond) because she has led me to some of the most awesome blogs in bloggy land!

    new follower! i love this. I am kind of scared of thunder and lightning storms (literally i curl in a ball in bed in fear of a tree falling on my house and smooshing me in my bed) haha! but i get what you mean. The stormy clouds, the rain, Its very comforting in a way!

    please share with me where you got that AWESOME coat! I am in search of a new coat!

    Ok now that I've written a book, I'm off to stalk your blog..I should be know, priorities :-)

    looking forward to reading more!


    sorry. sometimes i get threatening in my comments.

  6. Yay for stormy days! It's finally raining here too! Now I need some wellies like you! So cute!

    Along Abbey Road
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  7. so meg from accross the pond said your blog was pretty awesome, so i decided to check in and hey, she wasn't kidding. :)

  8. ... so you said let's be friends on meg's blog, and i audibly said...


    so there you go.

  9. You are so cute!! Found your blog through Across the Pond and I love it! New follower! xoxo

  10. I've been sick in bed for the past week. and hating it. But somehow today is more fun.

    must be the rain.

  11. New follower - also here via Across The Pond - you rock the trench well. Bring on autumn!

  12. love love love your blog! :) Very cute :)

    I wish I felt the same way about the rain, maybe once the leaves turn I will warm up to it. At least I have my pumpkin spice latte and I do love cuddling. :)

    I love your writing, it's beautiful.

  13. i love your outfit so cute. and the rain...gosh i just love the rain too!!

  14. couldn't find where to email back on your comment! ha :) but we got curry at thai ruby. my first time there. we were the ONLY people there ha. we made great friends with our waitress

    - Eliesa

  15. Found you from Meg's blog and you are seriously adorable!! Love your boots!

  16. your outfit and especially your rain boots are adorable!!! btw, you are too!! :D

  17. LOVE this outfit! the trench and the boots are amazing!


    Fashion Fractions

  18. hi beauty!!! this outfit is PERFECT!!! I love it!


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