Saturday, October 01, 2011

Teacher Style

So I was thinking.

I don't really post pictures of the clothes I spend the majority of my time in.

aka. my work clothes.

So here you have it,

a week's worth of my "teacher style"

minus the day I had our school open house and didn't get home till 9:00pm

didn't take a picture that day. whoops.

striped shirt: H&M
blue striped button up: J.Crew
pencil skirt: H&M
nylons: Grocery store
snakeskin flats: Ross
necklace: F21

70's button up: thrifted
skinny belt: H&M
matchstick skinnies: J.Crew
wellies: a lucky gift from this girl

headband: made by me
green blazer: Zara
striped heart tee: Zara
maxi: Old Navy
flats: Jeffery Campbell
chandelier earrings: Nordstrom Rack
HP Lightning pin: made by meremember this?

silk ruffle dress: thrifted
purple tights: Banana Republic Outlet
leopard flats: Nordstrom Rack?
braided leather belt: thrifted

P.S. I've gotten a few questions lately about my camera, which I love.

It's a Canon Rebel T1i.

Feel free to e-mail me with any more questions! I'd be happy to answer!


  1. I love your style! So cute!

  2. You are without a doubt, the cutest-most-stylish-teacher EVER! Your kiddos are gonna think that teachers are rockstars:-) xoxo

  3. oh my CUTE! i especially love that outfit with the green blazer and maxi skirt! :)

  4. Awww You look lovely!!! I wanna be a teacher nowwwwwww =)

  5. please let me have your impeccable sense of style.

  6. i love the first 3 outfits! you are certainly a stylish teacher with the right amount of preppiness :)

  7. You are the cutest teacher ever!!!! I never looked cute when I taught (seriously. But who wants to get all dressed up just to get paint all over? Confession: I did. But I held back)

    Check out the saweet GIVEAWAY!!!

  8. pretty sure all the boys in your class have a crush on you. i just know it. i've never seen a teacher be so fashionable! you're sooo good!

  9. you are one chic teacher lady!! :)

  10. You're darling! I love outfit number 2!

  11. love love love that maxi/striped tee outfit. i want.

  12. okkkay. in need of that chevron rug. i'm in looooove.

  13. you are such a funky teacher! found your blog off megan's, and your header alone prompted me to click FOLLOW! Can't wait to go through your blog and lovely photos like a stalker ;)

    annie| WEMAKEPLANS


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