Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Last Night was a total dream.

Steve and I bundled up and went to pick out the perfect little tree,

then headed home to dress it.

We decorated whilst sipping hot apple cider and  listening to vintage Christmas records

(thanks to my lovely friend Kim :)

it was perfect.

Now, I don't think you could pay me to leave my living room,

The lights are off and the tree is giving the most beautiful, twinkling glow,

it's magical.

Happy Christmas!


  1. ohh oh oh this is so cute. merry christmas :)

  2. so cute. cant wait to put up our tree. do you already have presents under the tree or are those decorative?

  3. Beautiful photos and tree! You guys are just the cutest! And I love the “annual 1st kiss under the tree” it would make for the cutest Christmas card! :-)

  4. this post makes we want to decorate for Christmas :D and I love how you guys name your plants...first Henry, then I came across Edward :) so awesome! it's a revelation to me that other people name their plants too! (for a while there I thought me and my sister were the only ones :))

  5. i LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! I'm obsessed with your apartment too. It's just so cute inside.

  6. Funny thing about comparing last year's Christmas post to this one: Steve has a lot more hair now, and you have a lot less.

  7. your BOOTS! so stinkin' cute! :) where are they from?

  8. You already have your Christmas presents done and wrapped!? I am impressed. It is magical at your house! I need to come over.

    P.S. I love your cable knit dress...where can I get one?

  9. Oh goodness, I loove seeing everyone's trees up! Yours is adorable, as is that gorgeous sweater dress!!

    xx Melina

  10. So lovely! And your cable knit dress with those boots. AMAZING!


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