Sunday, November 13, 2011

Date Night

We had a low-key date night this week.

It started with lemon fettucini by candlelight,

and ended with a drive up to Dairy Keen for some fabulous milkshakes.

I love our life together. 

and yes I'm wearing earmuffs and mittens as I eat my milkshake.

Winter wasn't going to stop me from enjoying that frozen goodness!


  1. That fettuccine looks amazing! Actually, all the food you post about always looks amazing! Hope you had a great weekend. Date nights are the best!

  2. This looks like fun :) Especially lovin' the hot pink leggings. Ha ha.

  3. oh my gosh, that fettuccine looks absolutely sinful!!!


  4. No more going to dairy keen without bringing me back a bosenbery shake ;)

  5. I LOVE your red pants. Hot mama. Did you get the chocolate-covered strawberry milkshake!?

  6. hahaha, i love that you are eating ice cream when it's freezinggggg. ice cream is the best any day, anytime, anywhere!! <3

  7. Lemon Fettucini?! How do you make that? That sounds amzing. And your milkshake run outfit is perfection


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