Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Guest Post: Across the Pond

You guys. I'm so excited!

Today you have the pleasure of hearing from one of my favorite bloggers!

I'm driving to CA today to visit my family for Thanksgiving.

13 hours here I come!

In the meantime, Here's Meg.


Hi Lovely ladies! and gents?
I am Megan from Across The Pond

I am a born and bread southern california girl,
who moved to England to get my Masters Degree.

Jess asked me over here to tell you all what I love about living in the UK..
which is a good question because most people i meet, who either live or have been to the UK are all..
why on earth would you move there?
Its cold,
the sun comes out for like a week out the year,
it snows,
it rains..a lot.
and the food is kinda crap.

And while of that is in fact true,
I am still here...

I graduated in September,
and instead of going back to California as planned,
I moved to Scotland.
Where it is even colder..

There is something that keeps me here though,
and it isnt just my sexy boyfriend with an irish accent
(thats just part of it)
Its because I have fallen in love with the way of life here more then anything else.

I grew up in Los Angeles,
in a middle-upper class suburban town just over the hill from Malibu.
My dad worked in the entertainment industry,
I went on to work in the fashion industry,
and from the time I can remember I have always felt the 
"keeping up with the joneses"
The need to drive the biggest and nicest car,
have the newest and nicest phone,
the biggest house,
or nicest apartment..
the desire to opt out of going to the opening of a new club or restaurant because God forbid you are one of the unlucky souls who isn't pretty or known enough to bypass the line.

I dont feel this pressure in the UK..
I dont feel the need to get my hair cut every two months 
and my eyebrows shaped every two weeks.
I dont feel the need to always be tan,
or have a new outfit for each event i go to.

I can live in a flat without a 
gasp, dishwasher or clothes dryer..
and no one is going to judge me..
because its the norm.

People who work full time are allotted a months worth of holiday time..
and they actually take it..
because spending time with family is more important then a hefty mortgage.

Yes, i sorta hate the food..
a lot.
I miss my cheetos, In-N-Out and mexican food.
I miss the heat on my skin, and the sand in my feet..
But for now..
in this moment,
Ill take the cold weather and stress free life.
Oh and the castles..
those helps.

Nottingham, England (my university)

London, England

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Glasgow, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Northern Ireland

my street in Glasgow, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Glasgow University, Scotland

Drumtochty Castle, Aberdeen Scotland

*UK=United Kingdom=England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

Isn't she fabulous? You should stop by and say hi!


  1. Wow I didn't realise Glasgow university was so stunning! :)

  2. LOVE this girl.


  3. megan is my reason for living. seriously, love that girl.

    and so glad to find your blog too! :)


  4. I adore the UK! My mom's family moved over here when she was 4 or 5 and I've always dreamed of meeting my far away relatives :) Megan has a fabulous blog and it was lovely to see her snapshots of the UK! xo

  5. omfg a super favourite blog is featured in another super favourie blog! how cool is that? hahah. her blog's amazing & so is yours of course.
    have a wonderful day!

  6. I love her!! I always have, but this reiterates why. And I am mildly jealous of her life!

  7. I love this post. it makes me want to move back to France so bad. I miss the European way of living...and the Parisian streets. sigh. i love Megan, and her blog is one of my daily must reads!

    great blog too!

  8. this life looks like a dream! looks absolutely stunning there.

  9. I love my little Meg!! And I definitely agree that that way of life is much better than how we live here sometimes!!

  10. @ashley slater, megan is MY REASON for living. get your own reason.

    jk, we can share.


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