Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pizzeria Seven Twelve

Newest obsession = Pizzeria Seven Twelve.

How did I not know about this place before?

I'm dumbfounded. 

We went for girl's night last night and it was a dream.

The pizza was amazing, 

fresh ingredients and a good thin crust.

Everything I love about pizza.

They even brought out flat bread and this amazing hummus while we waited.

I was thoroughly impressed. 

The attention to detail...mmmm.

I'm going to have to take Steve back soon!

There's nothing I love more than good food.


  1. now i'm craving pizza. . .


  2. OH jeez. me too.

    And i'm a little obsessed with hummus and pita.


  3. Omg, that looks amazing. Pizza and hummus are two of my main food groups. Love.

  4. I literally work right above that restaurant. You saw the sign for Equinox? Yeah, that's my company. Anyway... try resisting that place five days a week in interest of my bank account :) Tough life.

  5. Oh man. P712 has been a love for a long time. The greatest ingredients and I lve that their menu always changes.

  6. I'm so beyond excited-- thanks to your recommendation, six of us girlfriends have reservations for Saturday! Can't wait. I'm a bit of a hummus/thin crust pizza addict, so this should work out rather nicely.


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