Monday, November 21, 2011

Scenes from the Weekend.

The weekend was a dream.

Story time with my students,

Christmas shopping in Salt Lake,

sister time, 

movie forts in the living room,

and pie making on Sunday.

That my friends, 

is what a perfect weekend looks like.

Oh, and let's just stop for a minute and acknowledge how my heart melted like butter watching the hubs read children's books to my Kindergarteners. 

So cute.

top to bottom: My class listening to Steve read, Anthropologie's Christmas display at the Gateway Mall, christmas ornaments, pizza seven twelve (two), sister's cute shoes, sister's cute face, Bijou Market with Tay, movie fort in our living room, me rolling pie dough.


  1. oh my, i can't wait to get my headband in the mail!!! yay yayyy!!!!


  2. how romantic is your movie fort! you two melt MY heart!

  3. You two are so cute I could explode! :) x

  4. I. Love. That. Dress!! I'm probably going to ask Santa for one for Christmas. It is darling! Okay, and you guys are too. Cuter probably! :)

  5. ok, you rolling pie dough=pure adorableness. I'm pretty sure I would be in a tshirt and sweatpants in the same scenario:-) xoxo

  6. you're always cooking up something scrumptious!
    i want the red dress combo! where did you find such that sweet thing?

  7. What a perfectly wonderful looking weekend! Hopefully many more like it to follow this winter season :)

  8. Are those uniforms I see? How cute!
    Also, when you get tired of your wardrobe, if you would kindly mail it to Tennessee that would be great! I want every last stitch of it :) XO*


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