Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving on the Ranch

Home was so fun.

I didn't want to come back,

but alas, real life was calling my name. 

So here I am, leaving behind my sunny (70 degree) California for frostbitten Utah.

but I digress.

This week will be something to look forward to!

We're bringing home a Christmas tree tonight 

and Friday... is my birthday.

but for now, I leave you with some pictures of my beloved ranch.

We had a shipment of pairs (cows with their calves) come in right before we left

so my dad, my sister, the husband and I saddled up to drive them out.

The fall colors were beautiful ,

I soaked in the wide open space and breathed the crisp mountain air.

It was just what I needed.

plus Steve looked super hot in his wranglers....just sayin'.

top to bottom: my cousin Griffin conquering the quad, Lucy the cow dog, the old barn, mossy trees, Steve's boots, husband, fall leaves in the grass, Dad and cows (2), fall trees, Dad leading Blackie, white tree, fall color, Steve Brooke and Dad, Big Red and a calf, Dad looking over the ranch.

I hope your Thanksgiving break was just as refreshing as mine.

Happy Monday!


  1. These are such beautiful pictures - your family's farm looks absolutely idyllic :)

    ps Happy {Early} Birthday!

  2. Love the pictures. Happy almost birthday. How old will you be? My 24th birthday is on Sunday. :)

  3. Home, home on the ranch! How perfect! What a temp. shocker to the body though! California to Utah. Brrrrr! xoxo

  4. wow! Looks like you had a great time! The colours of those trees is incredible! :)

  5. WOW! I wouldn't want to leave either! I'm a country girl through and through.

    Happy early Bday!

  6. The photos of your home always make me want to own a ranch! Good gracious they're beautiful!

    xx Melina

  7. Gorgeous photos! One day I hope I will get to live in a place that experiences the four seasons :)
    If I don't remember, happy birthday for Friday :)

  8. happy birthday for Friday missy, hope you have a lovely day! :) x


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