Thursday, December 22, 2011

adventures in canoeing.

Wow, this break has been so relaxing.

I'm already getting anxiety about having to go back...

real life, stay away a little longer.

Our days have been filled with sleeping in, good books, and lots of glorious family time.

This morning we all biked (or boarded) down to the shore for some canoeing,

followed by an intense game of soccer.

Nothing like a little friendly competition to bring us all closer together right?

I think we'll all feel it tomorrow.

so worth it. 


  1. This looks so fun and peaceful!

  2. love the photos. love seattle. what part did you go to specifically? gotta love the great northwest!

  3. Looks so much fun :) I wish I did stuff like this with my family. Maybe I'll convince them all to go on a bike ride this weekend!

  4. ok this seriously looks magical. muddy shoes always mean good memories.


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