Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas "Morning"

On Saturday we had our "Christmas Morning" 

My mom had sent us home with presents from my family, 

so we decided to open them before we took off to Seattle!

First of all,

we must really be friends now...

I mean,

now that you get the pleasure of seeing us in all our PJ/bed-headed glory.


I must address the fact that these presents were wrapped by non other than my talented mother!

No professional wrapping here (for those who asked)

We opened up our presents,

made ourselves a Christmas brunch,

(baked egg white frittatas, toast, strawberries, bananas, blueberry pancakes, clementines from our stockings, topped off with mini bottles of sparkling apple cider.)


Then settled in together for a viewing of The Polar Express.

It was a perfect Christmas morning.

Happy Holidays!

and yes,

 that is a satin red pajama set that I am wearing.

My favorites.


  1. looks incredible. what a blessing.

  2. They are very professionally wrapped looking presents!

    Sounds like the perfect Christmas brunch early present opening morning.

  3. the ultimate Christmas breakfast - looks sooo tasty! (nice pjs) :) x

  4. Such a sweet way to spend a day!! :)

  5. That breakfast looks divine and so are your red PJ's :)

  6. looks delicious!!! :) What a wonderful morning :) We always open presents early b/c I can't wait till Christmas to give Billy his, haha :)


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