Friday, December 09, 2011


Can you tell I was craving pizzeria seven twelve?

The white bean hummus and veggie pizza did the trick.


As much as I like going out to eat...sometimes it's more fun to get to create it myself.

Happy Friday!

I'm so excited for this weekend.

There is going to be a LOT of Christmas cheer going on around at the Marcums!

Starting out with Christmas card photos and a Christmas party tonight,

and our first "Christmas morning" on Saturday.

(to open up the gifts from my family, seeing as we'll be in Seattle with the Marcums for Christmas)

I'm beyond excited!

I hope your weekend is as magical as ours :)


  1. your food rocks my face off. really. teach me to cook like you! i have been such a slacker in the kitchen as of late. this whole pregnant thing is putting a damper on some of my domestic skills!

  2. Does craving mean pregnant? ;)

  3. We have a few proposals for you.
    1. Can we hire you to make us meals like that on the daily? It looks so super yummy awesome.

    2. We couldn't find your email anywhere on here, but we were wondering if you would be interested in doing some guest post action on our blog for the upcoming christmas break? If so, email us at for the details.

    lauren and madison
    awkward girls.

  4. Please give me your pizza crust recipe! It looks yummy...


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