Saturday, December 03, 2011

My Surprise Party.

You guys.

I'm so spoiled, I have the best friends.


I set off last night for dinner with the girls, and ended up at my surprise birthday party!

I had no idea, 


not an inkling. 

Erin hosted it in her fabulous new apartment

with the help of Leeny, Tay, and my sneeky hubby.

It was so perfect,

Erin had every little detail covered,

down to the Louis Armstrong Christmas music playing in the background.

Can you see why we're best friends?

I'm so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family!

I felt so special.

Oh and Caroline, if I haven't said it enough,

those salted caramel cupcakes...

were heaven in my mouth.

Photos courtesy of the lovely Taylor Ann

aka my bombshell sister.


  1. how wonderful to have friends like you do! but then again, they're lucky to have you as their friend too, and the party shows how much they love you and how good of a friend you've been to them!

    so many people in the post look familiar to me.... then again i did live in orem! bubble!

    happy birthday girl!

  2. Could you get any cuter? And that mini cupcake sign!

    P.S. Check out my giveaway if you have a chance :)

  3. How amazing!!! Good friends are key...glad you had fun! PS loooove your outfit!!

  4. I love surprises! Your friends look like they really put some effort into your party :) Love your Birthday Girl headpiece ;)

  5. that looks like some amazing fun! i always forget erin and nate are back in utah!

  6. yay yay yay birthday girl! You deserve all the sweet surprises in the world! xoxo


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