Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a seattle kind of anniversary.

Our anniversary was a dream,

Seattle is so beautiful.

We started by getting some Starbucks

how could we not? 


then strolled through Pike's Place, bought a book, enjoyed the oceanside views at our hotel,

and had the best sashimi I've ever tasted.

It was perfect.

Then we ended the night in typical Steve and Jess fashion,

with a movie.

(Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol)

and ridiculous amounts of popcorn and milkduds.

Call us boring,

but nothing really beats dinner and a movie in our book.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Here's to another amazing year to come.


  1. looks chilly but wonderful! and it looks like you guys got to stay in a snazzy hotel, how fun!

  2. I've never been to the Northwest, but have always wanted to go. It looks like a good place for something like an anniversary :) Its kinda weird, but I think cold places can be almost more romantic than warm ones. They encourage cuddling. :D Congratulations!

  3. Dinner and movie night are my FAVORITE kind of night! Especially if I end the night next to that fire! Happy Anniversary!


  4. Congrats! Y'all are adorable. Love your coat!

  5. I love Seattle! Looks like you had the perfect getaway :) Happy Anniversary!

  6. Glad you liked my hometown! It's so beautiful here, huh?! :)


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