Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Little Norway

One of my favorite places to visit in WA is downtown Poulsbo

it is so quaint right there on the harbor

people refer to it as "little Norway"

it has the most darling little bakery and one of my favorite bookstores.

a perfect way to spend our last day in town!

don't mind my make-up free face. vacation!


  1. your photos are always so lovely and delicious.

    so fun catching up on some old posts i missed.


  2. Ah! I want to go there! Norway and Washington have always been top of my "must see" list. So being able to put them together would be awesome!

  3. So cute! We have lived here in WA for almost 3 years now and my in-laws keep telling me how much they think I would love Poulsbo! : ) This makes me want to go sooner! Hmmm...a fun little day trip is in the making, thanks!

  4. I love small towns like this. So cute.

  5. Love Poulsbo! So quaint and lovely. My parents live around there and it is definitely one of the cutest towns in that area :)

  6. Ok so I totally am catching up on your blog instead of doing my homework and I was giggling so bad that I HAD to comment. Poulsbo! I thought no one else in the world had visited there besides me! Anyways, I love you, I miss you, and we should reunite in Poulsbo someday. :-)


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