Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meaningful Gifts

one of my favorite things in the world is to give or receive meaningful, sentimental gifts.

i love it.

it took me a while to realize it, but it really is my love language.

i don't mean huge expensive gifts,

i mean the thoughtful ones.

the gifts you get where you know your mom was paying attention to when you lingered next to those flats 6 months ago 

or the ones where your husband noticed your lusting after a peter pan collared shirt

or when your sister passed something in the aisle 

and just KNEW you had to have it

it's totally you.

 i just live for that look in the eyes of the person tearing off the wrapping from your gift.

the excitement and surprise. they never expected it. they never knew they couldn't live without it.

this year I've been particularly spoiled.

i'm one lucky girl!

top to bottom: birthstone earrings, HP series, Audrey Hepburn canvas, old Marcum family books, macaron cook book, french cook book, flats, peter pan collar shirt, swede driving gloves, table napkins.

P.S. the 8th and 9th photos are Christmas gifts from Steve. How good is he?


  1. I love those earrings and those adorable flats.

  2. This is so awesome. I completely agree with you. Sentimental gifts are so much better than expensive ones. I love the ones that you know someone saw that would be perfect for you and bought it for you!

  3. those shoes! and the gloves!! Sigh. You're a lucky ducky :) x

  4. Those are all so set and special. And I think knowing your spouse well enough to give such gifts is so romantic. I'm with you, the look on somebody's face when they receive a well thought out gift is priceless! And covering such a gift means the world. Loved this post!

  5. Love! What lovely gifts Jess :) Also, just got updated that you guys are moving to Boston! YAY :) So excited for you and Steve. That will be such a great next chapter of your lives. Congratulations on teaching 6th grade too! Many exciting things happening for the two of you. Love you!

  6. I totally agree with you, thoughtful gifts are way more lovely!

  7. I looove the toughtfulness behind gifts too - it feels so good to put so much effort into choosing a gift for someone else and to know someone was willing to make that same effort for you.

    Those gloves are amazing. End of story!


  8. Love this! You mailing some of your favorite childhood toys across the world to my kids DEFINITELY qualifies as an awesome gift. So thoughtful and kind! Love you Jess.

  9. Just added those earrings and gloves to my wish list! It looks like you had a magical holiday.


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