Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a simple valentine

 Dear Steve,

thank you for loving me even when I'm ridiculous.

thank you for working hard for our family.

thank you for holding me when I wake up from a nightmare.

thank you for leaving me roses on the dashboard of the car.

thank you for doing the laundry because you know I hate it.

thank you for being the best valentine a girl could ask for.

love, Jess

Here's a picture of the caramel cinnamon baked french toast I made for my valentine (one day early)

I hope you're day of love is as smashing as mine is turning out to be!

Here's a peek at our special day from last year.

recipe here


  1. This love letter makes me want to cry. So sweet and simple. I love you two little love birds! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. so seriously sweet jess!

    and ummmm deeeelish. lucky valentine!

  3. this post is filled with pure love!
    hope y'all have a lovely day filled with joy.

  4. Too cute and that breakfast looks delic!

  5. You guys are the cutest ever, that picture melted my heart! Have a lovely Valentine's day.


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