Wednesday, March 14, 2012


i took the plunge, i tried the falsies. false eyelashes that is.

i have to say i looooved them!

they were really fun. i felt super feminine and girly, which is always a plus in my book.

steve even told me he couldn't tell I had them on,

 which-- to me, was also a plus (i'm never a fan of looking fake)

oh and i also wore a semi-springish outfit on sunday. which is a big deal for utah in march.

so i documented, naturally.

happy wednesday!


  1. cutieeee!!! I am in lovvveeee with your tights!!<3

  2. I tryed them for the first time a little less than a year ago...and love them!! I was soooo nervous I would look like I'm trying to be cool. But it was a success haha! The 1 dollar "elf" ones at target work wonders!

  3. the hairs lookin' lovely as well, jess!! and love the new blog design :)

  4. I love your tights--love that they are an unexpected twist.

    Your eyelashes look great--so glamourous!

  5. i love that necklace. I bought a variation of it on sale at macys a year ago and i wear it like everyday.

  6. Aren't false lashes amazing!? I'm slightly obsessed and wear them almost every single day. They're addicting. And you look positively gorgeous! LOOOVE!

  7. so fun! and your eyes paired with that blazer: insane! gorgeous! xoxo

  8. You look absolutely amazing! I am in love with your new haircut. And I am totally copying this look for my trip to Italy this weekend (minus the tights because I'm not as brave as you and with flat sandals because I want to be comfy). Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  9. Yeah I tried falsies sometimes and it's fun to put them on and see the outcome.


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