Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That Awkward Moment.

You know that awkward moment when your best friend picks you up to go to breakfast looking smashing in a silk peter pan collar top and blow-dried hair...and you woke up 10 minutes ago, threw on your brother's old flannel shirt, ripped jeans and a beanie to hide your hair/face? Forget about the make-up, that never even crossed your mind? Then, you are having so much fun chatting and laughing that you feel like you need to document...no matter how hideous you look? Yeah that happened on Saturday. Love you Erin! 


  1. Psh, that's you with no make-up!? You look gorgeous - and Erin does too :)

    Breakfasts with girlfriends are the best!


  2. I'm pretty sure you can't not be cute, Jess. And I love the new look on your blog!

  3. I agree you can't not be cute. And I can guarantee that 6 times out of 7 I would usually be right there with you... I just love you!

  4. Love you new blog design--your header is so pretty.

    And this happens to me all the time--how come I never look in photos how I think I look in my head?

  5. You both look amazing and I am SO close to joining the bangs club. This picture makes me want to seal the deal. Love the dress, Erin!

  6. too bad you still looked adorable! haha

    and i wanted to share my blog's first giveaway with you! Sending the link to all the lady bloggers i look up to!


  7. I know that awkward moment well. Except I don't even have cool ripped/worn stuff to throw on ... my awkward moment outfits consist of basketball shorts and oversized t shirts. You on the other hand still look good. :)

    I spied mint chocolate brownies in that case! Yes!

  8. uh, OK Miss Jess, just look fantastic without makeup on. Cool. Lovin' the beanie!


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