Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Welp, ladies and gentlemen

we have a graduate on our hands!

May I present to you Steven Marcum, Master of Accounting

I think I'll refer to him as "da master" from now on.

but seriously.

in all reality, graduation went off splendidly!

Besides the fact that Steve's graduation cap could not contain his fabulous head of hair and the mildly inappropriate cheetah pants-fox shirt combo I wore on the first day.... it was perfect!

We loved having our families in town and celebrating Steve's hard-earned accomplishment!

I even got to run into Mrs. McKell in her cap and gown- i love that girl!

I'm proud of you husband!

Happy Graduation. 

Notice- he's standing on tip toe to be tallest...


  1. congrats to steven. i love your leopard print pants!

  2. so fun and congrats to steve and caroline. I love how your pants match caroline's shoes :)

  3. Wow, congrats to your man! That is seriously a HUGE accomplishment - AND now you guys can start making the big bucks ;)


  4. congrats! you have a master husband now! =D

  5. Yay for animal print and graduation :) Happy graduation Steve!


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