Thursday, May 03, 2012

Letters, and pictures of my puppy...because he's dang cute.

Dear Blog friends, Thank you for your congratulations on this post and your sweet notes of encouragement from this one. I was so touched. 

Dear Steve, Good luck on your Iron Man this weekend. I told my students and they thought you were crazy for doing it....I just think you're sexy. I didn't tell them that.

Dear Tay, I'm jealous that you're going home this weekend. The end.

Dear Watson, I think it's really funny when you strut your stuff around the yard, even though it's annoying when I can't get you back in. It's also really funny to watch you jump the barrier with your stumpy legs. Just don't do it when I'm not home, K?

Dear Provo, Please stay warm.

Dear students, stop turning into 7th graders all the sudden.

Dear Belly, Thanks for making an appearance the last few days. People are actually starting to ask me if I'm pregnant, which makes throwing up every few hours somehow less awkward. 


  1. Dear Jess,
    I am SO thrilled for you two!! you will have theee cutest baby. serious. ;)


  2. Ahhh your life is so adorable! Teaching, loving, puppy, baby; such beautiful things.

  3. Your puppy really is pretty dang cute!Congrats on your baby bump news!

  4. I've been so behind in reading blogs that I missed all these amazing posts of yours! First - Boston has my heart and I'd be happy to share any suggestions on eateries and the like! Second - congrats on your pregnancy!! Third - I had no idea Steve did Iron Mans... we spent last night (our last night in New England before taking on the whole US) with our friends who are both seriously into Iron Man races, and they are so excited to leave for Florida for their next race (I'm so impressed by these iron man competitors - such commitment!). Such good stuff, Jess! And, the homesickness might not pass, but life is such a journey! Many blessings!

  5. Your puppy is too cute!


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