Thursday, June 21, 2012

19 weeks.

strap your boots on- this is quite an update.

 Well, I'm *almost half way there! 19 weeks, woo hoo!

here are the updates:

-this baby loves carne asada tacos (as all my instagram friends well know), captain crunch cereal, peaches, top ramen and bbq. this momma is definitely not complaining- especially since the first 4 months baby didn't seem to like ANY food.

-i'm starting to get so big! i know it's just my perspective but i feel like everyday i look in the mirror and shout "look steve (or whomever i happen to be with at the time), i'm HUGE!!" i'm not to the uncomfortable stage yet so i'm really enjoying this growing bump! people are finally getting up the courage to ask if i'm pregnant, which is so fun. i love it! and i'm so not a stickler about personal space so i've loved having people come up and want to rub my belly. i think it's magical!

-the only thing that is starting to get uncomfortable for me is sleep! between having to pee every 30 minutes and not being able to sleep on my belly anymore--the bed is just not the refuge it once was! hopefully this is just training for our little nugget's nighttime feedings.

-i really only get nauseous and/or throw up at night now which has been UH-mazing. thank you baby! and i only actually throw up 2-3 times a week. Hallelujah. this is probably a combination and being clear of the first trimester, not being on my feet/teaching all day, breathing in mountain air and getting all the sleep i need--but whatever it really is, i'm just grateful! i feel like i can finally fully enjoy this pregnancy- and life in general. it's awesome!

-i'm starting to feel the baby move a ton now! you still can't feel movement from the outside (sometimes i convince myself that you can, but you can't) and though i can't wait for the day when steve can feel a little jab from the babe, it's kind of fun keeping it all to myself for now. it's like a secret language between me and our little person, i love it. i can almost always feel what side of my stomach the little peanut is on and the somersaults that are going on down there are getting crrazay! 

-we had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday--a week early since next week we'll be on vacation with my family. it was one of the sweetest experiences of my life to date. i didn't know what to expect- as far as my emotions go- but as soon as that little babe came up on the screen my eyes turned into faucets. peanut has the sweetest little upturned nose and kept grabbing it during the ultrasound. and shhh we did find out the gender-- a reveal coming soon to a blog near you. i feel more connected to our beautiful healthy baby than ever. steve and i have been having a ball coming up with names and not referring to our cute little embryo as "it" anymore.

*for anyone who wants to stalk my carne asada taco-filled instagram updates my username is: jessicaholly


  1. You are glowing!! So happy you're feeling a little better :) Love you!

  2. you look absolutely beautiful and joyful! so excited you guys found out the gender, eeek!

  3. I LOVE your dress!! I can never find cute dresses... where did you find it?!

  4. you look adorable! i'm excited to hear what you're having! :)

  5. You look so radiant!Can't wait to find out the gender of your little one!

  6. Sorry i had no time to read the text, but i will later!
    i just wanted to tell you that i love these images! The last picture shows so much love!
    and your dress! arww, adorible!

  7. i am really so so happy for you. can't believe it's already almost halfway.


  8. I am so happy that the awful morning sickness has got so much better.

    And you are glowing--you look amazing!

    How exciting that you can feel the baby move--I can't wait to feel that, I keep thinking i am but not sure--aww so confusing.

  9. These updates are so cute. Jess you are so gorgeous and that little babe is so blessed to have you and Steve. I'm excited for you guys!

  10. You're showing! How fun! What an adorable bump and beautiful dress to doll it up with. :) Feeling the baby move is magic.

    P.S. It was a little over halfway through my first pregnancy that we bought a new mattress. Made all the difference in the world--still does at 33 weeks second time around.

  11. This post makes me so happy! You look absolutely beautiful and your happiness is oozing out of this blog post :)
    Can't wait for your reveal post!

  12. Such a sweet update Jess! I absolutely love watching your cute bump grow. Believe it or not I'm only a couple of weeks behind you due on November 26th but I don't look near as cute as you (; I was craving top ramen like crazy one week as well how strange especially since it has like 0 nutrients in it :P I totally feel ya on the sleeping thing! I always have to put a pillow in between my legs to help me get comfortable (I use to sleep on my stomach ALL THE TIME) and don't even get me started on how many trips to the bathroom I take every night haha. I'm so jealous you can feel your little baby move, I can't wait until that moment!

    Dearest Lou

  13. ahhhhhhh, how does pregnancy go by so stinkin' fast?! You are glowing and a beauty and etc!!! Grow, baby, grow! xoxo

  14. you are glowing! and that dress is beautiful on you!

    can't wait to hear what youre having!!!

  15. You look so so happy. And your parents home looks like what I hope heaven looks like :) Also, I'm following you on instagram now! @brookejanette

  16. You are glowing and look positively beautiful!! Glad to hear you're starting to feel better and can't wait to hear what the gender is! :)

  17. I'm due the day after you, it's so fun to compare notes! You look beautiful. We're also having a girl!


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