Thursday, June 28, 2012

20 weeks and a Caribbean Update.

don't worry, this wont be as long winded as the last update!

well, as the photos indicate... we're in cancun and loving it!

we're in heaven.

as if we weren't spoiled enough already with seeing BOTH our families 

and nearly a month off of both school AND work (we recognize that this will most likely never happen again- as long as we both shall live)

we've topped it off with a beautiful trip to the caribbean with my family

it's been amazing

and what's even more amazing is baby girl letting me enjoy it as much as possible.

i've been feeling awesome and i couldn't be more grateful- i've finally hit the magical 2nd trimester everyone kept telling me about!

my bump is growing, we're soaking up my family, playing in the waves,  and enjoying the ever more present kicks from baby girl

it's paradise.

i've also developed a few more knick names as of late

including "preggers"

i love my family.

more pictures to come!

that belly may be a little too up close and personal for you... but i'm kind of in love with it so i'm showing you anyway. we're all friends here right?


  1. Cutest swim suit and pregnant lady ever!

  2. You are such a pretty pregnant lady! I can't wait to see so many more pictures from the Caribbean when you get back :)

  3. Can I please look like you when I am pregnant? You are a bombshell :) So glad you are feeling better and enjoying every minute of your fun trip!

  4. I'm in love with it too, you gorgeous mama!

  5. You look great! Enjoy the rest of your trip in Cancun!


  6. you look so amazing in your swimsuit! you look like you are glowing--hello second trimester :)

    enjoy the rest of your trip!

  7. what happy sunshine times! Looove that second picture. It's pretty fantastico.


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