Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a graduation and a letter.

Dear little brother,

you just graduated from high school. did you ask my permission? i'm not sure i'm ok with it. nevertheless, you are handsome, smart, charismatic and carry an unnatural amount of confidence for a 17 year old boy. i'm so proud of you for making good decisions and standing up for what you believe in. you've always been so tender hearted- ever since you were a little boy. i love that you still befriend the friendless and take care of your sisters. you just about melted my heart when you brought me up ice water to bed every night, without complaint, because i was too nauseas to walk downstairs to get it myself. i've always treasured our relationship. i love the memories i have with you spraying brush and gathering cattle. you're a genuinely good human being zane alma veater and i'm so proud to have you for a little brother. this little nugget inside of me is so fortunate to have you for an uncle zane. byu is lucky to have you too...just don't go breaking too many hearts out there in provo ok? you are a handsome little devil.

love, your favorite oldest sister


  1. So.. I think we should set your brother up with my little sister! For real!! She's still in high school, so when he gets back from the mish :)

  2. So cute. I just graduated too. Congrats to him. :)

  3. Such a sweet letter, time flies by so quickly doesn't it? Congrats to your brother and best of luck to him with the start of a completely new chapter of his life next year :)


  4. aw this is so sweet, it melts my little heart! family times like these are so precious! best of luck to your brother!

  5. Dearest Jessica,
    I love you. That little nugget inside you is so lucky to have you as its momma!
    Little brother Zane :)

  6. You have one good looking, fun looking family. :)


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