Wednesday, June 13, 2012

last graduation, i promise!

going to all these graduations, i can't help but remember how exciting it was for me to go through that time in life!

i remember being so excited for college, wondering who i'd meet and what it would be like.

anticipating the snow (in utah) and gearing up for late nights and library study sessions.

it was all so magical. i can't wait for kenz and zane to experience the same things!

what a fun time in life.

to kenz: you have all the potential in the world. put yourself out on a limb, make new friends and embrace this time of life! you'll have a blast!
congratulations! we're so happy that we could make the trip up for this special time!

my beautiful curly-haired sister-in-laws. 

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  1. Congrats to your sister in law! You're so right, entering college is one of the most exciting times ever, so much anticipation and anxiety to see what everything will be like :)

    Loving the little baby bump!



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