Tuesday, July 31, 2012

25 weeks. an update.

-as many of my instagram friends can attest to {username: jessicaholly} this belly is growing and can no longer be contained! i've officially grown out of my work out clothes, but since i'm oh so classy and there's hardly ever anyone in the gym at our complex....i wear them anyways. belly poking out and all. like i said, so classy.

-at this point in the pregnancy i'm feeling better than i've ever felt! i'm hardly ever nauseous and the only real discomfort is sleeping and the occasional bout of heartburn. but hey i'll take it! when we went to nyc this weekend i was able to walk for miles and be totally ok--in the heat and insane humidity nonetheless. i would have NEVER even thought about attempting that a couple months ago-so we're making progress!

-no swelling yet that i've noticed...we're crossing our fingers over here! i thought all that walking in nyc would make my feet swell for sure but we're just counting our blessings over here for now! 

-steve will hardly let me carry anything these days. sometimes not even my purse! i think sometimes he does it to be funny- but i think it's really sweet. Man, I love that guy.

- the little lady's kicks are HUGE! I see them out of my peripheral more often than not- it's like there's a little alien inside of me! Her kicks are so strong they'll even jolt me awake in the night. Heaven knows there's a little person in there.

-I know i say this all the time but my belly is ginormous. it's strange, i'm so attached to it. the bump. you would think that after all the loneliness of sickness, the days in bed, the food aversions and smells, the heartburn, the aches and fatigue, i would resent pregnancy. but the other night i found myself looking in the mirror at my womb and asking steve seriously* if he was sad he would never get to be pregnant. thinking i was joking his response was "NO! Everyday I'm grateful that you do this for our kids. not me." i laughed at myself (he probably remembers more clearly than me-the first trimester). it really is funny how connected you can feel to your child in the womb. even though it's hard-i'm grateful to have this experience and carry this sweet baby girl.


  1. Sooooo cute! Love your dress! Is it vintage?

    Just wait until she is in your arms. You will die of happiness over and over again, every singe day.

  2. Isn't that the truth? It's crazy how much we women love that little person we've never even met yet! I've got just 9 more days till my due date, and I am over the moon excited to meet our little man and to be done with pregnancy -- but there's also a small part of me that knows I am going to miss this belly and the intimate time I've had with this babe. You are such a cute cute cute pregnant girl!

  3. you look incredible jess!! gahh!! and steve, what a freakin' sweetheart! i hope to find myself a man like that one day :)

  4. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress!!!! Where on earth did you get it?! Stunning! I'd totally wear that everyday if I had that!

  5. Just found your blog! Your style is so cute, congratulations on the Baby :)

  6. Oh I love that dress. Such a great color on you! Another beautiful, amazing post that makes me want to be more like you :)

  7. Oh you darling Marcums. Happiness all over the place.

  8. my baby's kicks wake me up in the night too--i have a night owl. hopefully she is getting it out of her system now ;)

    and your bump is so cute.


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