Monday, July 23, 2012

Date Night: Downtown Boston.

this weekend we went out on the town to see the new Batman. which, incidentally, i ended up liking much more than i thought i would. we ate some delicious pizza, strolled around the park and soaked in this city that we are just falling in love with. 

a success of a date night if i don't say so myself. 

and yes, my belly is getting HUGE.

also, steve looks super hot with his new haircut.

that's all. 


  1. i think you look amazing!

    my husband really wants to see the batman film so i am glad to hear it is good as i was thinking it might be a bit of a let down.

  2. Ohhh my goodness, Upper Crust! That's pretty much all I ate throughout college. Gosh your photos are so gorgeous! You're capturing Boston so well! :)

  3. love the hubby's hair!! boston knows how to give good cuts :)

  4. I just love these pics!
    Boston has always been on my list of places to go!! Now even more!!

  5. Dear Jess,

    I found your blog awhile ago and I just wanted to tell you how cute I think you are! I went to jr high and high school and freshman year with steve and I always thought he was fantastic. so glad to see he married such a cute girl! tell him amie ostler says hi and congrats on the job and baby! and again, love your blog and think you're adorable :)

  6. You are the cutest pregnant mama ... seriously cute. xo.

  7. You are the cutest!I loved the new Batman!But then again I am married to a comic book nerd!Hah!


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