Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life Snapshots.

here are just a few snippets of life lately. it's been pretty slow and easy this past week- we moved out to MA into temporary housing a month early so as to not be pressured to find an apartment too fast. never in our wildest dreams did we think we'd find the perfect place within a week of getting here! don't get me wrong, i'm so grateful we did! it's been nice to be able to relax and enjoy the city with all the extra time...but it's kind of stressing me out. i've gone into full nesting mode and having to wait to move into our new place until august 9th just may be the death of me. you may think i'm being dramatic. probably because i am. but i swear to you "nesting" is real and i have literally laid awake in bed until 1:30 am the past two nights stewing about nursery color schemes and how i wish our new baby clothes weren't in storage because I NEED TO WASH EVERYTHING NOW. i'm struggling. i have like 1000 things on my to-do list that i cannot do until we move in and i can't get rid of these irrational fears that little lady is going to come early and i wont be prepared. yes i know this sounds ridiculous- but it's what i'm feeling. my poor husband. i had a full on sobbing meltdown in the kitchen about this while i was cooking dinner last night. holy cow. pregnancy hormones- they do a number on you. we're going to the craft store tomorrow to get me some baby hair clip supplies. i need somewhere to channel all this energy. wish us luck. 

sincerely, crazy pregnant lady.

at least watson's enjoying himself. drummies!

top to bottom: banana pancakes.  rocking chair for the nursery.  "drummies".  sweet corn and bbq chicken pizza. 


  1. you are not the only crazy pregnant lady i am right there with you.

    and although i believed that nesting mode was real i thought it would appear later but no! i am itching to get things ready and i think everyone else thinks i am slightly mad.

  2. I totally understand the crazy hormones!! Pregnancy sure does that to you. Hang in there. It'll be fantastic, whatever you choose to do with decorations and such!! :)

  3. I totally understand this! We didn't move into our 2 bedroom apartment until December and Scott's due date was in February... I was going crazy too! I can't wait to see what you do with the nursery! I'm sorry it's hard in the mean time :(

  4. Isn't it amazing how you can love someone sooo much that you've never even met yet? I totally understand that nesting instinct! I'm 37 weeks today and still have a list of things to do. BUT the important stuff is done. Don't worry, it only takes a day to wash and organize all those blankets and clothes. You'll be surprised at how fast baby's room will come together too. AND I have to keep telling myself that the world WILL keep spinning on after I have this baby. So if our laundry room/random stuff room doesn't get cleaned out and organized by baby boy's arrival, it will probably get done this Fall. No biggie.

  5. BBQ chicken pizza? Must try that ... It looks like your pregnancy hormones have been good to you and your hubby's appetites, at least! :) Take heart, even if everything isn't perfect when little baby comes, it won't matter at all in the long run.


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