Monday, July 16, 2012

on eating, and people i love.

we've made it here to boston! I can't believe how seamless this move has been. we are really blessed. first of all, watson was an ANGEL on the plane. really, he was. i was floored. i'm used to a little mischief from him- 5+ hours in a tiny little carry on (for dogs obviously) and not a peep! not one! he is in his momma's good graces for that one. we went on our rental tour the day after we arrived and steve and i were amazed when the third apartment we visited was completely perfect for us! we were expecting to spend at least a month shopping around. again, blessed. now we're just spending our time getting to know the area, playing with watson and checking off our baby to-do list. let the nesting begin! 

dear boston, we love you already.

love, steve and jess

(and a cute little corgi too)

here are the last pics from our final days in provo. in typical steve and jess fashion they were filled with our favorite eats and our favorite people. Namely my sister, pizza, carne asada tacos and the collins family (not pictured).

we'll miss provo, but we're so excited for this east coast adventure! 

pizza, tacos


  1. Congrats on finding a place so quickly. It took us awhile when we were hunting for the summer here, but east coast places are pretty sweet. Most of the ones we looked at had hardwood and large bathrooms--major pluses in my books. :)

  2. well done on finding a place so quickly--i can't wait to read about your nursery ideas.

    and that food looks so good! i am so hungry now!

  3. glad you made it safely!! email me if you need anything :)

  4. How exciting Jessica! Good luck setting up the new apartment, and glad to see everything is working out well!

  5. So glad the move went well and that you were ably to find an apt so fast! Can't wait to see it.


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