Wednesday, July 25, 2012

this is titled: steve is a stud.

we found out yesterday morning that steve passed his 2nd level CFA exam! woo hoo! so we decided to celebrate. i made a bona fide mexican fiesta (with the best carne asada i've ever made)  complete with gourmet rootbeer. we then scampered over to Louie's ice cream for some of the good stuff. aka ice cream. i don't really know what "the good stuff" would be- reminds me of a Kenny Chesney song. but i digress. and we finished up the night snuggled up to a redbox movie! 

congrats steve! i'm so proud of you.


  1. i hope you share your carne asada recipe on two kitchen promenade. looks so good! congrats steve!

  2. Jess my dear, I just have to say that I MISS YOU!!! I miss laughing with you :) we seemed to always be laughing when you lived here.

  3. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair cut. If i get brave, I may be copying you in the semi near future! p.s. you belly and growing family is way too cute

  4. Congratulations to Steve. And I think if you look up "the good stuff" in the dictionary, you would find this ice cream.


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